Love Comes at Dusk Ch. 6 Pt. 1

Melody felt overwhelmed by guilt and betrayal. She had a secret she was keeping from Jesse, but couldn’t tell him because she had to guard her emotions. By not telling Jesse, she was betraying his trust, and couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. “Jesse I’m sorry I put you here, if it wasn’t for us racing you’d be okay,” Melody said as she lay next to him stroking his hair.

Jesse could hear her talking to him, but was unable to respond. “Jesse, if you were here right now, I’d tell you, I’d tell you everything… I hope when the time comes for me to tell you, that you’ll still love me,” Melody said still doubting Jesse’s feelings for her. “I’d show you my whole world…” Melody said as she thought about how different her world was from his.

Melody’s concentration was broken by the sound of an old gothic bell being tolled followed by the sound of crashing thunder, “Now who could that be?” Melody asked. She got up from the bed and walked gracefully down the enclosed spiral staircase that led to a balcony overlooking the foyer of the house. She continued down the second spiral staircase that led to a large black front door. Melody opened the door and was overcome by fear of what awaited her.

“Good evening ma’am,” a Goshen police officer greeted her.

“Good evening officer,” Melody greeted, overwhelmed by the sound of the officer’s heartbeat.

“Ma’am my name is Officer O’Brien. I am looking for this boy who has been missing for roughly four days, and his last known location was at Beulah Missionary Church, with you,” Officer O’Brien held up a picture of Jesse with information, like his home address, height, weight, and age.

“Yes, sir he and I spent the evening at his church,” Melody answered truthfully.

Officer O’Brien nodded and began taking notes, “Thank you ma’am. Do you happen to know Mr. Sterling’s whereabouts?” he asked.

“No, sir,” Melody replied nervously, “Well, ma’am then if I may ask, what is his vehicle doing in front of your house?” Officer O’Brien asked.

“Well, it was storming that night, and he crashed into an oak tree outside my house. My sisters and I then rushed to his aid and drove him to Elkhart General Hospital,” Melody began explained trying to come up with a believable story.

“It’s been four days ma’am, why would his truck still be here?”  Officer O’Brien asked, interrogating Melody.

Melody forced herself to cry in hopes of deterring the officer, “Sir, my dear Jesse is in a coma, and you have the nerve to come to my home and intimidate me? Our families are going through a lot right now,” Melody pleaded forcing her tears.

“That’s a brilliant story ma ‘am, and keep it up with those acting classes, but we’ve already checked the local hospitals and he wasn’t there,” Officer O’Brien informed her continuing to use an interrogation technique on Melody.

Melody rattled her brain searching for a believable answer. “We couldn’t find his body!” Melody cried out as she dropped to her knees and wept.

Officer O’Brien looked at Melody suspiciously, “…I think you’re hiding something from me miss, but as I have no evidence of that I will take the information I have gathered and begin my report. I look forward to our next meeting Miss…”

Melody looked at him trying to fight back the fear and tears in her eyes. “…Miss Melody Tripp,” Melody introduced. “Miss Tripp I look forward to our next meeting, have a nice day,” Officer O’Brien snickered as he walked back to his patrol vehicle and drove slowly out of Melody’s driveway.

Melody shut the heavy oak door and turned around to see Sarah and Annie gazing over her with disappointment.

Great, now the local cops are involved with this,” Sarah said. “I hope you’re happy Melody, you’ve just risked the safety of our family, and reveling our secret,” Sarah said.  She glared down at a distraught Melody with fiery red eyes, “You know what must be done if anyone finds out…” Sarah reminded Melody menacingly, as she began walking up the marble staircase.

“Yes, I know,” Melody admitted as she continued to weep. “Once, he wakes up…I’ll do it,” she said.

Sarah paused halfway up the winding staircase, “…If you don’t, I will…and if I do, he won’t be waking up,” Sarah threatened as she disappeared into the depths of the study.

Annie knelt down beside Melody, “Melody you’re going to have to tell him, if you really love this boy and want the best for him, you’ll have to turn him,” Annie said trying to comfort her friend.

“I’ll talk to him tonight, and I’ll try to wake him up myself,” Melody said as she pulled herself to her feet.

–Alex Young


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