Earth Day Adventures, Part 1


“All states of a natural melancholy…an active longing for a richer relationship to the world than we have enjoyed before.”

(Paul Bogard, The End of Night)


“Realize there is life greater than you, life that was here before you and will be after.”

(Paul Bogard, The End of Night)


“Sweetly unaware that the world has quite moved on.”

(Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods)


“We peer with such instant eagerness at animals it must be more than their novelty; it must be the sense that our planet is shared.”

(Edward Hoagland, Notes from the Century Before)



These photos and quotes (taken from some excellent non-fiction outdoor exploration books) demonstrate the ephemeral, yet essential, impact of the beauty found in nature, often difficult to see in our developed city. “All that is required…is a willingness to trudge.” (Bryson)

North Bank Park: Downtown Columbus, Ohio

Erika Burwinkel


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