A Trip Too Far–Part Two

The 5 and ½ hour flight on Hawaiian Air flight to Maui was a little uncomfortable despite excellent service and decent meal. It was raining when we landed in Maui.  My wife said, “Did we bring the rain with us?”  We rented a car with excessive mileage and none of the safety features we were used to but at a good rate. Later I learned that the airport had to be closed because of flooding which turned to be the last bad weather for our 2 weeks in Hawaii.

Our Condo on the Kihei (KeyHay) Maui was about as close to paradise that I will ever get. Across the street was a string of parks and beaches interrupted by nooks and crannies in out cropping’s of ancient lava. The persistent ocean splashed playfully in and on the rugged areas as surfers waited off shore from just the right wave to sail in to beaches draped with skinny leg palm trees and scanning bikini clad beauties.

Image 14

Image 15

Image 16

In addition to beaches, turtle and whale watching there were many restaurants from Coconuts for fish tacos to Sansei for Japanese Sushi. The condo had all the amenities that allowed for leisurely breakfast, hot tub soak and hula leasons.

Next on our Maui adventure was the Haiku (high cu) Plantation Inn. Just after passing Piea we discovered with twenty or so suffers waiting and riding the waves to the beach.

Image 17

Since we arrived from Kihei too early to check in we explored miniscule Haiku town which was a collection of plantations warehouses and factory sheds in the process of being converted into shops, offices and a restaurant, plus a parking lot with 2 food trailers.  Not a good impression.  We had hoped for five days but we could only get four. Our B&B was up a hidden drive to 19th century home of the plantation doctor in a large untidy garden of tropical plants and a few large Palms.                          The note on the door gave us access to our room off the common areas which were tastefully decorated with Hawaiian Art and comfortable furnishings.

Image 18

The reason we chose Hieku was it was close to the road to Hana and others roads to Halaocala the 10,000 foot no longer active volcano in the center of eastern part of Maui.  Re doing the road to Hana was on my “B4iGo” list.  We drove to Hana and back on the same day in 1993; it was my greatest driving experience.  I can still replay the experience of rounding a corner in the road and seeing a waterfall then parking under guava trees and eating the ripe fruit will admiring the falls.  The experience did not end with one spectacular water fall but driving a little further to with a seascape just below. The combination of waterfall and seascape was repeated half a dozen times and imbedded in my memory.  I wanted to do it again.

–Jack Riordan


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