Paradise Pulls–Pushes

Blog Body Photo.jpgSand and surf squish between my toes
Brilliant blue sky puckers my eyes
Steamy sea salt air invades my nose
Soothing sun warms my cold aching bones
Refreshing rain drips from colorful leaves
Relentless rushing waves crash my ears
Skinny leg palms bow to bullying breezes
Ah my paradise pulls.

Scorching sun grills skin to blisters
Searing sand burns tender feet
Wild warring wind blows sand in my face
Roaring wind driven rain rattles my brain
Nothing new to do–each day the same
Paradise pushes me–to get me away.

Oh it’s just surf, sand and swaying palm trees
Mai tais, bikinis, island music and sunsets.
Maybe for a few more weeks and or months
I can stay by my blue covered sea paradise.
Who needs something new to do each day?

–Jack Riordan


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