Borders Versus Barriers

Borders Versus Barriers

Birds don’t know – nor the winds slow

Animals big and small go to and fro

Seeds, bugs, and germs pass through

As do men some who carry contraband

For the many willing buying drugs.

Are  sellers more wrong than buyers?

Others pass to get low pay, hard dirty jobs

That many  will not take such demeaning jobs.

Are poor workers wrong or greedy bosses?

Only men know these drawn blue lines, that

Determines  what belongs to one not others,

Who gets or pays – it works both ways.


If one side  builds high walls on the lines,

And create other obstacles to keep out

Drugs, poor workers, and all who

Do not look or pray like them, will

It also keep out those who contribute, even

Where the “Deer and antelope play?”


Wait just a minute, aren’t these the very lands

Stolen from the original Americans, and

Lands taken by force from the Mexicans

That made many  families very very rich

By working slaves from African and

Poor immigrants who came for work with

Dirty coal, hot steal and muddy ditches?

Do you thinks it’s all OK?

That being White  makes it Right?

Does it really?


Remember Ronald Reagan Said,

“Tear down this Wall”


Jack Riordan


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