Shameless Pen Presents: Staff Playlists


This week, we decided give you all a treat! All of our music tastes here at Shameless Pen are unique and varied, so we decided to give you a little peak into what kind of tunes we’re in to! Please enjoy and check out some of our favorite musicians!

Mark Wesley’s Playlist

I wanted this playlist to represent the kind music listener that I am at the core. I’m a chameleon of sorts when it comes to music which basically means I’ll listen to pretty much anything.  Some days I’ll be in a really experimental mood, so I’ll put on some Oneohtrix Point Never or Aphex Twin. Other days, I might feel like listening to David Bowie sing about Space. This playlist is just a fraction of that, but I’m sure that you’ll find something that like click with you in here. I hope you all enjoy!

Erika Burwinkel’s Playlist

Erika’s playlist is an interesting blend of both indie-electronic/pop with artists like Chet Faker and Bon Iver to classic Rock with The Beatles. Then we get some oddballs like the ethereal Tycho who’s brand of ambient music is perfect for those slow mornings when you just want to lay in bed. Whatever you prefer, Erika’s playlist is suited for indie heads everywhere!

Mr. Wright’s Playlist

Mr. Wright’s playlist is almost like going back into a time capsule. So many different styles of music in this one that date back all the way to 1970s. With over 2 hours of classic music, you’ll definitely be walking away with some new artists with deep discographies to dive in to.

Leave us your comments below to let us what you think of these tracks!


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