The Magic Book, Part four

The portal did not bring the boys back home, but instead they were in a city that looked like an ancient Japanese. Now they had to find the portal in a city.

“Let’s find the portal as soon as possible because I have a bad feeling about this place,” said Tim, irritated by the fact they were not home yet.

“As I said before, we’re never going to be able to go back home,” said Max.

They started walking through the completely vacant city. After a few minutes of walking, Zack saw a small light in the distance, and he assumed it was the portal.

“I think I see the portal!” said Zack.

They ran as fast as they could to reach the portal. Eventually, they got there to find out that it was not the portal, but just a bright lamp. Then out of the darkness of the houses came four samurai warriors. They were about to capture the boys, but they started to run, evading the samurais’ blades. As they were running down the road Max stumbled upon a stone and fell, Zack and Tim rapidly went back and helped him up, but they were too late. They were surrounded by the samurais again. Then all of a sudden a team on ninjas came out and attacked the samurais. As the ninjas and samurais abttled the boys fled the area, managing to escape without being noticed by the ninjas or samurais. The boys ran down the street and turned at several corners. They can upon another main street, and noticed a vivid glow in one of the buildings near the boys. They broke through the door and found the portal. The boys were astonished for a moment on how quickly they found the portal, but without second thoughts, jumped in the portal did not take the boy’s home but instead they found themselves inside a fort with a building made from large logs and tall wooden walls. The portal was easy to find; it was on the other side of the massive fort behind a large wooden gate. The boy gradually started to walk toward the portal, but it was not going to be easy as they thought. While the boys were walking past a certain area in the fort many others looked at them. The majority of the population were big buff men cutting logs or sharpening weapons. The boys started to walk faster but were stopped by a very tall and strong man with a bow and arrow on his back.

“Who are you and what business do you have here?” said the man, in a deep voice.

“My name is Zack, and these are my friends Max and Tim and were just trying to get home,” said Zack, in a soft tone.

“And you think you can just trespass through here,” said the man.

“Well I don’t think I would call this trespassing,” said Zack.

“Then what would you call it, because if you’re not trespassing then you must be invading, and we punish those who try to invade us harshly,” said the man.

“No, no, no, no were not trying to do anything to harm you guys, were just trying to pass by,” said Zack.

“How did you get in here?” the man asked.

“Well this might sound crazy, but we were teleported here through a portal,” said Zack, trying to sound serious.

The men around the boys laughed. Then the big man ordered his guards to take the boys to the holding cells. The boys tried to fight off the men but were overwhelmed by the men’s strength. They were carried to the cells. When the boys arrived in their prison cell they found themselves in a wooden cell. They tried to kick open the wooden doors, but the logs were too thick to break. Zack kept trying to break the door, after several tries Zack gave the door one big kick and broke through. He unlocked the cell Tim and Max were in, and they sneaked out of the cells. As they were escaping Tim saw a torch with a fire mounted on the wall. He took the torch and burned down the jail. The fire spread all throughout the fort, all the guards, and villagers were running to a safer location. The man who put the boys in prison saw the boys running, and started running after them. The boys reached the gate, and the man who was chasing them reached them and said

“Where do you think you’re going!” said the man.

“None of your business,” said Max.

Then Max kicked the man in the one spot he knew was a weak spot. Afterwards, the boys ran through the gate and jumped into the portal. Behind them the entire fort was burning down in a few minutes the fort would be nothing but a pile of burnt wood. The portal brought the boys to the park. Once the boy regained realization that they were back home, they had the biggest smile ever and celebrated. They ran back to their houses and told their families what they just went through. Of course, one person’s reality might be another fantasy.


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