The Magic Book, Part Three

Now they found themselves surrounded by a dense forest, with large trees and vines traveling from tree to tree. There was a clear path in front of them. On one side of the path, they saw a massive volcano with smoke coming out from the top, and on the other side, they saw nothing but the horizon with the sunrise. There were birds flying away from the volcano and disappearing into the horizon. Max started to worry.

“How are we going to get home?” Max asked.

“I’m not sure, but all I know is we just need to find the portal again,” Zack replied.

“How the hell are we supposed to find the portal in this mess?,” Max said raising his voice.

“Let’s start walking down toward the horizon, maybe we will get to a high enough point to see the portal,” Zack suggested as he started walking away.

“Why even try, we’re all pretty much dead anyways,” Max said

“That’s what you think, and if you want to stay here and be scorched to death, be my guest, but I’m not just going to stand around and wait for a miracle to happen,” Zack shouted as he started walking away faster.

“Come on man, he’s right. We can’t just stand around and hope for the best,” Tim said in a comforting tone.

The boys started to walk down the path. After several hours of walking, they heard thumping from the distance, getting louder by the minute. They started to walk faster. Moments later, a T-Rex came out of the thick trees and started to chase the boys down the path. The boys ran as fast as they could, eventually running into the dense forest. The boys now knew that they were in a prehistoric time period, but they didn’t know it was that it was the day the dinosaurs were going to be extinct. The boys heard a giant rumble from the distance. The volcano erupted and enormous rocks surged into the sky. Tim looked around the corner of the trees to see if the T-rex was gone, and he did not see it, so he assumed they escaped the T-rex.

“I think the T-rex is gone, we should get moving before we all become the T-rex’s dinner,” Tim said.

The boys walked out onto the path and got a better view of the lava coming out of the top of the volcano. When the boys turned around they saw three T-rexes feasting on the corpse of another dinosaur. The boys snuck past the T-rexes. Max stepped on a twig and alerted the beasts. The T-rexes roared at the top of their lungs and started to chase the boys. They ran faster until they reached a cliff. They were trapped. The boys looked back and saw from a distance, the T-rexes charging them at full speed. They also saw massive asteroids crashing down behind the T-rexes, burning and destroying everything in their path, creating a fiery inferno. The T-rexes were obliterated under one of the asteroids. The boys knew if they did not make a move they were going to end up just like the T-rexes. Now they had to find the portal before they were burned alive. Tim saw a very faint glow from the distance down at the bottom of the cliff.

“I think I see the portal!” Tim shouted.

“I see it too, but how are we going to get down there!?” Max said.

“Hey guys, we can zip line down this vine, and dive into the pond down there,” Zack said noticing a long vine along one of the trees nearby.

“That’s a crazy idea, but it just might save us,” Tim said.

“No way am I am not doing that!” Max said.

“Would you rather stay here and end up like those T-rexes?!” Zack shouted

“Let’s go,” Max said as he was grabbing the vine.

“That’s what I thought,” Said Zack grinning.

The boys quickly got their piece of vine and zip lined down, and when they were about 25 feet above the pond they let go, diving in feet first. The water broke the boys’ fall. Once the boys swam out of the pond, they ran through down the dense forest, and eventually they all noticed the vivid light of the portal through the trees. Once the boys all reached the portal, they jumped in. A brief moment after the boys jumped in the portal, a massive boulder from the volcano crushed the portal and caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

-Ismet Uskudar


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