The magic book, part two


The boys woke up and realized that they were no longer at the park. The boys were in an empty room with stone walls and floors. There was no one around for the boys to ask where they were. There was nothing except a worn out chair at one corner of the rooms. The boys saw a faint light from the down one of the halls and started to walk towards it. The hallway took them outside to a massive arena with thousands of people shouting and cheering. The walls around the arena were about 20 feet high. On the other side of the arena, there was a large balcony with a man watching the boys as they were entering. None of the boys were able to see the man clearly, but they knew he was most likely someone important. The arena looked familiar to Zack.

“This looks like the Coliseum in Rome, Italy,” said Zack.

“How did we get here,” asked Tim.

“I think the book teleported us here,” said Zack, unsure if he was right or wrong.

Each boy was wearing leather armor and was wielding a holstered sword and a massive shield. The boys heard a horn blow from the balcony. This triggered a trap door to open from the ground. Once the trap doors opened two large, fierce tigers with chains around their necks came out. The chains were bolted to the ground. The boys stood there in complete terror as the tigers struggled to escape the chains around their necks. After several minutes, the boys took out their swords and prepared to fight. The tigers broke free of the chains and immediately charged at full speed toward the boys. Once the tigers reached the boys, they started thrusting, slashing, and evading the tigers’ razor-sharp claws.  The boys struggled to keep the tigers from attacking them. After what seemed like hours of trying to fight the tigers off, Max swiveled his sword hacking the tiger’s neck, leaving it incapacitated while it bled out. Max made a mistake by celebrating too soon and didn’t notice the tiger lunging at him, bludgeoning him in the back of his head with its massive paw. This left Max in a coma. It was up to Tim and Zack to defeat the last tiger, but both of them were absolutely horrified when they saw their friend lying on the ground, not knowing if he was dead. The first thing the boys thought of was trying to attract the tiger’s attention away from Max’s body, so the boys started making irritating noises and throwing dirt at the tiger. The tiger charged towards the boys, and as the tiger was about to lunge onto Tim about, Zack sliced the tiger’s neck in full force, beheading it. The tiger’s body fell to the ground immediately. Zack helped Tim get up.

“Are you okay,” asked Zack.

“Damn dude that was brutal,” said Tim, in bewilderment.

The sound of the crowd cheering rumbled around the coliseum. Tim and Zack ignored the crowd and rushed over to Max’s seemingly lifeless body. Tim checked Max’s pulse.

“He’s alive,” said Tim with relief.

Zack and Tim helped Max to his feet, walking back into the room they began in while the crowd cheered, highly entertained by the action-packed, bloody show they had just seen. Once the boys made it back inside, they sat Max down on the chair and checked his head to investigate the damage. After Tim inspected Max’s head, he and Zack had to figure out how they were going to get back home.

“So how are we going to get back home?” said Zack?

“I’m not sure,” said Tim in dismay.

“Well there must be a way out, and we’re not going to find it by just sitting here,” said Zack.

“What happen, are we home yet,” said Max, as he was regaining consciousness.

“You really took a beating there,” said Tim.

“How are you feeling?” said Zack.

“I feel like a train just hit me,” said Max, putting his hand on his head.

“Well, you were almost eaten by a tiger,” said Zack sarcastically.

“Let’s find a way out of here,” said Tim.

The Colosseum was vacant, yet there was still an ominous sense of being observed by some sort of higher being. The boys snuck around the labyrinth of the Colosseum in hopes to find anything that resembled the book or something that looked out of the ordinary. They searched each and every corridor for hours until it was obvious that their efforts were hopeless. The strange sense of urgency grew with every step. They walked down the last hallway. The boys’ footsteps became loud, the volume gradually increased until it was nearly unbearable and deafening.  There was a strange glow seeping through the cracks in a wooden door, which sat at the end of the last hallway. They opened the door and were almost blinded by a bright illuminated portal. They knew that this had to be the only way out.  Without any hesitation, the boys took a leap of faith into the portal. When they awoke, they realized they had not found what they were searching for.

-Ismet Uskudar


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