The Magic Book, Part One

During the times of ancient Greece, there was a story about a beautiful woman who was cursed by the goddess Aphrodite and was turned into a witch that had the power of sorcery, and given the ability to craft weapons of destruction. The witch constructed a magic book that would trap its victims in an unforgiving, cruel world to suffer for eternity. Thousands of years later, the book was found by an American archaeologist who believed in the myths of ancient Greece, and was always paranoid that he would get punished by the gods for tampering with the ancient Greek civilization. The archaeologist was doing a research project on an ancient Greek city to find out what caused the city to be completely destroyed. As the archaeologist was doing his research and excavating the area he found a book under the rubble of one of the collapsed building, he took the book back to the museum he worked for and deciphered the clues etched in Greek on the cover of the book. He realized that the book held some sort of mystical power. When the archaeologist was about to open the book, a sharp pain in his head prevented him. He tried to open the book once again, and the pain got worst. The archaeologist tried several times to open the book until the pain was unbearable. The following day the archaeologist tried once again to open the book, and the pain came back. At that very moment the archaeologist was terrified to open the book, so he buried the book deep under the ground at a nearby park, and never thought about it again.
50 years later the book was discovered once again, and this time it was by 3 teenage boys. The 3 boys’ names were Max, Tim, and Zack. They were playing soccer at the park, and right as Tim was about to make a goal, he kicked the grass hard enough to trip and face plant into the ground. Tim realized what caused him to trip was an object buried in the ground.
“Hey, guys I found something buried into the ground, can you help me dig it up?” said Tim, while crawling over to the unknown object.
Max and Zack ran over to the object and started digging with their bare hands. After several minutes, Max was able to pulled out a large metal book from beneath the grass. There was writing on the cover of the book that the boys had never seen before.
“What do the markings on the cover mean?” asked Tim.
“It looks like some sort of ancient writing,” Zack said.
“It’s heavy, I wonder if there is anything valuable inside,” Max asked as he was opening the book.
The moment Max opened the book, it pushed the boys away and a strong wind started to pull the boys toward it. The boys tried to resist, but the wind was too strong, and they were sucked inside.

–Ismet Uskudar


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