She Lies With Me Gently

by Brian Ellair

Laying together

With my sweet loving wife

We’ve been through so much

She’s the love of my life

Now night draws its curtain

Sweet slumber draws near

With her in my arms

Breathing gently in ear

Soon dreams and diversions

Are filling my head

Visions and fancies

Carry me from my bed

Now come I crashing

Back down to the earth

Dreams torn asunder

bereft at their birth

My dear lovely maiden

pillow’d head on my arm

Bursts with cacophonous soundings

As a fire alarm

My bedchamber shakes

Like pins in the alley

Where men come to bowl

Or a motocross rally

Slumbers at end now

I’ll rise in the dark

Try not to stumble

With no light, not a spark

Grumbling and grousing

I shuffle and slouch

And now I fall blindly

Onto the couch


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