Guns, Germs, & Steel: Out of Eden

Brought to you by: CJ Nemastil
CSCC Correspondent

CJ Nemastil

The Fertile Crescent is believed to be the birthplace of civilization. Nearly 11,500 years ago, hunter-gatherer communities began to settle in the area known today as Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. Shifts in the climate force early inhabitants to adapt to their changing environment, which resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle. This eventually led to population growth, an organization of labor, and a rise in technology. It is these three key areas that give way to the advancement of civilizations around the world.

Hunter-gatherer societies were not particularly efficient, since a majority of their time and energy went into the procurement of food. However, drought and food scarcity between 12,500 and 11,500 years ago forced those living in the Fertile Crescent to seek other means of sustenance. Over this thousand year period, you begin to see the first domestication of plants, such as barley and wheat. The ability to grow crops…

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