Self-Aware, Emotional, Animal?

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CJ Nemastil
CSCC Correspondent

CJ Nemastil

Besides Disney and Universal, SeaWorld was a place that excited the imagination of many kids. It was the first time for many of us to see penguins, feed a sea lion, or watch a dolphin performance. Shamu, the killer whale, is still an iconic image for the aquatic theme park. However, the recent publication of a documentary titled Blackfish has brought into question both the living conditions of SeaWorld’s orca, and the psychological detriment it causes these animals. With stock prices falling to nearly half their opening price in under two years, SeaWorld is now suffering financially due to the claims brought about by Blackfish.

SEAS Stock

When it comes inadequate living conditions, I personally witnessed the small, lackluster facilities used to house the manatees at an aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. The manatees live in a concrete pool, which didn’t appear much larger than the pool at my grandparents’ house. They…

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