ANTHROPOLOGY: A Study of Curiosity

ANTHDuring my last twenty-six years of existence I’ve managed to survive high school, graduate college, and play businessman, all before stopping to consider the meaning behind my choices. Reflecting back on the many years spent preparing for the future, one wonders what might have been missed. Your grades were decent, you went to a state college, and you got a job shortly after graduation. So why does it not feel quite right?

Over the last few years, I’ve been attempting to hear that calling that many of us are forced to decide upon by the age of eighteen. Going back to a community college with the intent to take courses purely based on self-interest has taken me from classes in animation and photography to writing and publishing literary magazines. However, my interests haven’t been limited to just the classroom. If I stumbled upon an interesting topic, take quantum theory for instance, I found myself self-studying via YouTube and Google until I felt I had a grasp on the concept.

I eventually realized that I have an inherent drive to know everything. This, of course, is not feasible, and so I began to narrow down my core areas of interest. I’ve always been fascinated with culture, and along with it came a curiosity for language and linguistics. Continuing to search for an overarching theme, I thought about how the sciences fit into the picture. After searching through a list of possible graduate programs online, the answer became apparent. I realized I wanted to study anthropology.

Anthropology is made up of four subsets; culture, linguistics, archaeology, and biology. Such a wide range of study allows for exploration into a majority of my interests. So where do I go from here? I am at the beginning of a new journey and surely have a great deal to learn along the way. I will continue to share my future experiences and insights based upon the trajectory this epiphany takes me.

As I progress, I hope to meet with other aspiring anthropologists and will be able to sure their stories with you. During this upcoming summer, I hope to explore the possibility of field research concerning prehistory Native American villages along with the cataloging of any artifacts discovered. Finally, I hope to share with you any cultural and linguistic discoveries made during my travels around the world. Be sure to stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the journey.

CJ Nemastil-CJ Nemastil

CSCC Correspondent

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