Sushi Gvng

I first was introduced to the Sushi mixtape about a year ago, and I was instantly in awe of the collaborative brilliance it boasted. Sushi Gvng (the ‘v’ is an upside down ‘a’) is a local group, under the Get Money Clique Music Group (GMCMG), that Columbus artist, Bangi and RicoMusic, started in order to bring a new voice to Midwest Hip-Hop. Many times local music sounds like, well, local music, lacking national appeal and being only relatable to a small audience, but the Sushi mixtape is different. Sushi has something for everyone, even outside of its hip-hop audience and it is just a sneak peek of what Sushi Gvng has got in store for the future.

Bangi is a thirteen year rap veteran, and a staple on the Columbus music scene. Coming from nothing, he is determined to rise up the list of hip-hop heavy weights and place himself among the greats. Because of his humble upbringing, Bangi wants to be a positive influence to his fans and leave an impact beyond just his music. He is looking to bring in a new wave of creativity to the rap game, focusing on individuality and substance, while still providing great energy and passion. That passion for his craft keeps him grinding, willing only to give his fans his absolute best. When Bangi isn’t working on music, some of his hobbies include playing Xbox and hitting the casino. Bangi knows the road to where he envisions himself is a long one, but he’s been working all his life; and when he makes it, he will have no regrets. Although he is still on the path to prominence, Bangi has garnered much adoration within Ohio’s hip-hop circles. His drive is what has propelled him to that status today, and it is what will continue to make him a top name in rap.

Born and raised on the North Side of Columbus, RicoMusic has been molded by Midwest culture. Although only in his early 20’s, Rico has been in the music business for years; and since 2001, he’s been contributing to the Ohio music industry. Defining himself as a “risk-taker,” Rico is not afraid to show his versatility with different forms and styles of not only rap but other genres of music as well. He also sings on many of his tracks and at times experiments with auto-tune. Wanting to be more than just an artist, Rico has plans to expand his brand and become a transcendent figure. Being very artistic, his creativity spills outside of just music and into other areas of his life, so much so, that one of his passions happens to be expressing himself through painting. God-fearing and very family oriented, ever since his son, D’aress was born, Rico has given his all to support him, not wanting to be like so many fathers that are absent from their child’s lives. Simply put, Rico has arrived and he’s here to stay. The question isn’t if he’ll hit it big, but how soon? He’s putting Columbus on his back and he’s going to carry it to the top with him.

Rico and Bangi met about four years ago and instantly clicked. They started working on the Sushi project early 2012 and haven’t looked back since. Their chemistry on the Mixtape is apparent and the duo constantly blends thought-provoking substance and sharp delivery. Sushi has gained critical acclaim in the Midwest while also creating a buzz nationwide.

The Tape

The Sushi project is a fresh collection of Ohio music, featuring an assortment of beats that give an insight to the diversity of the Midwest and connect that with the masterful delivery of two of Ohio’s premier artists. Bangi and Rico define Sushi as being cold, raw and artistic. It is a genius display of the best Columbus has to offer.

Throughout Sushi, the duo goes back and forth, complimenting each other with their unique styles like on the hit “Watch Out.” In the song Bangi bats first, rapping “I pray to God they don’t find it on me, got my license on me, been had insurance, can’t search for shit unless you have a warrant”, talking about being profiled by police. Rico goes next, talking to Bangi about people that can’t be trusted, “Bang Bang lets sound off, you ball I take the mound off, squares up in my circle, if it is I let them rounds off.” “Watch Out” is a track for anyone who has ever felt like they were being watched.

Another hot song on the mixtape is “Lean My Way”, which features Yung Sav, another Ohio rapper. Sushi Gvng mellows out on the track, giving the ladies something they can listen to. Rico eases into the song, rapping, “I’m lifted. Gravitating futher, they said if I keep on sippin’ that’s premeditated murder, I say. Let me live my life, I’ve sippin’ and smokin’ on purple, medicines not meant to hurt you, it’s a virtue.” He continues saying, “All I need is one night, you gon’ remember me, hotel room petals leadin’ to the bed. I’m aware of what you love it’s like I’m so ahead.” Yung Sav is next, and then finally it’s Bangi’s turn to jump on the track. Bangi starts off rapping, “Hole in one like tiger woods, that’s why I got a double cup. Never been to H’town, still screamin’ pour me up!” “Lean My Way” is a slow-down song, but its keeps from becoming overly sappy and romantic, keeping true to the artists swag.

“Uptown” is a song for Columbus, North Side specifically, where the Gvng expresses their love for the city. Rico, again, sings the hook, “Ridin’ ‘round my city, windows down you know I’m blowed. Stay reppin’ that Uptown, man you already know.” On Bangi’s verse he adds the classic hometown touch when he raps about OSU, “So hot that I rock shorts sleeves in the winter. I ain’t no quitter, I’m a go getta’. Bring it back home for the Buckeyes nigga. Home of the throne in the Urban Meyer Era.”

Aside from the Sushi Mixtape, both Bangi and RicoMusic have recently worked on other projects. Bangi has released two mixtapes since, Small Circle and just a month ago Casa Blonka. Rico dropped the Color Blind mixtape in June of this year, and on December 1st, he’ll be putting out his next tape. Right now, though, Bangi and RicoMusic are working on a follow-up to the Sushi mixtape, planning on releasing it early next year.

In addition to the music, Sushi Gvng, often in collaboration with other GMCMG artist, is constantly touring and doing shows throughout the state, as well as the rest of the country. To keep up with the Bangi, RicoMusic, Sushi Gvng and all things GMC, you can follow them on twitter @SushiGnvg or visit


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