Scrambler Marie’s

Amidst the plethora of breakfast options available on a Sunday morning, an eager diner is rarely left wanting a full stomach. Whether one desires a quick pastry and black coffee or a full spread, the options seem pretty limitless for any palette. With a multitude of gastronomic opportunities at my disposal, I awoke to my Sunday and decided I was in the mood for something simple and close to home. I generally work late on weekend nights so I do not get to enjoy the benefits of the early riser and for those of us that do not live within walking distance of High Street, making the trip downtown on a Sunday is all too reminiscent of what Monday has to bring. So with breakfast on my mind, I set out to find somewhere with honest food, a short wait, and hot coffee. My journey brought me to the doors of Scrambler Marie’s at Polaris located at 8679 Sancus Boulevard in Columbus‎‎. Scramblers has seven locations around Columbus which makes it more available to anyone who wants to eat there. This Ohio-based eatery has been around since 1989 and they sport one simple motto, to make the “best breakfast in town.” Scrambler Marie’s is only open from 6:30AM to 3PM every day. They want to focus on what they do best, breakfast. While they do offer lunch options, breakfast is the true desire of most customers.

After a relaxing ten minute drive, I wander through the doors and although it is the peak of breakfast indulgence, I am provided a table following a mere two minutes of waiting. This is the first sign that I have found the right kind of place. The restaurant can seem extremely busy but large crowds with a short turnaround means the business is doing things the right way. Scrambler Marie’s is not set out to wow anyone with their decorating skills as the dining room leaves much to be desired. With pale aesthetics and boring water-color art, the place feels musty and old- fashioned but perhaps the simplicity in design is a way of explaining their food. They do not want to impress, they just want to keep it simple and leave you feeling satisfied. Initially, a glance at the menu can leave a diner feeling a bit overwhelmed, but once you know how to navigate the off kilter boxes and muted colors, finding your preferred meal is easy enough. One thing that pops right out at me is the blurb at the top of the page that proudly informs every diner of the strict quality regulations and assurance of homemade dishes. The business is proud of the food they put out and they seem to be committed to using fresh ingredients, another good sign. I scan the menu and some of the most enticing offerings include bottomless pancakes, French toast, or waffles (each for under $7.00) plus skillets ($8.49), omelets ($8.49), and a variety of benedicts ($8.29).  Once the waitress has returned I am ready to order. I decide to get the Meat Market Scramble Wrap which the menu describes as,

Farm favorite, bacon, sausage, ham and scrambled eggs all wrapped up and covered with Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Topped with sour cream and chives. $8.29

The meal also comes with my choice of potato: hash browns or home fries. I order a cup of coffee to enjoy with my breakfast as well. One of the most impressive and satisfying things about Scrambler Marie’s is that they understand their customers. When a patron orders coffee, whether they are alone or with five friends, the waitstaff always brings out the entire pot and places it on the table. They understand that a meal is made even better when a customer is never left wanting. It not only helps to make their job easier but it keeps the customer happy, and that leaves them one step closer to a return visit.

My breakfast arrives and the loaded wrap is more than I can handle. It is stuffed with meat, eggs and cheese and although it is perfectly simple in design, it is extremely satisfying and flavorful. Simplicity is a rare thing these days but that is what breakfast should be. I finish my meal, pay my tab (a mere $15 after tax and tip), and I am even offered a to-go cup should I wish to take some coffee with me.

Scrambler Marie’s is a unique business that strives to do things the right way. They offer a variety of dishes, and once the menu has been deciphered, the food is simple but tasty.  They excel in keeping the customer satisfied and do their best to guarantee repeat patrons. This is one of my favorite places for breakfast outside of the commotion of the city, and I happily give them 4 out of 5 pens.

William Kimbler


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